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What’s this site all about?

I’m Dorothea Baker, a web developer/designer and Linux enthusiast.

This website started as a place to collate resources and things I’d learnt while undertaking my web design minor. It has subsequently expanded to include a broad range of technology-related material.

My hope is that by sharing my discoveries and experiences with technology, I will be able to help others like me.

What will I find here?

Since its inception, I’ve expanded the content of this site to include information and resources relating to all kinds of software development, not just the web. However, as it was initially created with web development in mind, a lot of the resources you will find here are on topics such as web accessibility, HTML5 and CSS.

The blog is a mixture of handy programming references, tutorials, stories about things I’ve struggled with, and basically whatever I feel like writing about.

The resources page is a regularly updated list of links to articles, tools and tutorials which I’ve found useful or interesting. Many of these are on topics related to the web. I think it’s important to keep informed on different points of view, so you will find articles both for and against such contentious issues as “the fold” and JavaScript dependancy.

The inspiration page is also a regularly updated list of links, in this case to cool technology or web design I find inspiring.

What’s with the name?

During my web design minor, I found myself using the term “nightmare website” to refer to an assignment I was working on. Shortly afterwards I remembered .website is a TLD, and…well, here we are.

And finally…

This site is one way in which I’m trying to further my programming and design knowledge, and I want to learn as much as possible. If I’ve made a mistake somewhere, I’d love to know.

You can contact me here or get in touch with me on Twitter.